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Martlet Kayak Club is a friendly club based on Brighton Beach between Brighton Marina and the Pier. The Club provides facilities, equipment and training to promote paddle sports. We are a members club run by volunteers.

Many of our coaches are British Canoeing qualified and give their time free of charge.

Booking Spreadsheet

Current members can book a paddle using the spreadsheet.

You must add your name to the spreadsheet for the dates when you paddle. If you forget then please make an effort to remedy it after the fact. It is our method of contact tracing and has already proven to be effective enabling the simple contacting of some members (the related Covid test has come back negative). There is nothing stopping you from adding other peoples names if needed.

Adding your intended times for paddling helps others to plan their activity to either coincide or avoid in terms of time and congestion.

We are working on a long term streamlined solution for booking but it will take a bit of time, so bear with us!

Booking Spreadsheet

Opening Times

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (British Summer time). We meet at 5:30pm for 6pm start (on the water).
  • Sundays we open all year and meet at 10am.

Additionally the club also goes away on many trips to: Rivers in Wales, North England, Dartmoor and White Water Centres, Surfing in Cornwall and Sea Kayaking locally, in Cornwall and Wales.

Trial Sessions are available for newcomers or beginners.

Club Equipment

During the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown we have had to change how club equipment is booked out and used:
Full details about booking.

All Club Members can use the very wide range of equipment this includes:


  • Sea Kayaks, (Single and Double)
  • Canadian Canoes
  • Surf Kayaks
  • White Water Kayaks
  • Play Boats
  • Touring Kayaks
  • Sit-on-top Kayaks
  • Pool Boats


  • Paddles
  • Bouyancy Aids
  • Spray deck
  • Cagoules
  • Wet suits
  • Helmet
  • W/Suit boots

Specialist Equipment

  • Dry bags
  • Whistles
  • River knives
  • Throw line
  • Boat repair kit
  • Paddle Splits
  • Karabiners
  • First Aid kits
  • Buoyancy aid with a quick release chest harness


  • River Guides
  • Books
  • DVDs

Training may be required before a member can use / borrow some of this equipment.


Martlet Kayak Club has many Canoe England Paddle Coaches, Instructors and Trip Leaders who canĀ  provide coaching based on the Long Term Paddler Development (LTPD).

Coaching Sessions

  • 5.00-5.30pm Tuesday Evenings (British Summer Time)
  • 5.00-5.30pm Thursday Evenings (British Summer Time)
  • Rolling Pool Sessions (Nov/Dec)
  • River Running (All year, in line with trips)

Club Commitee

Duncan Walker
John Wright
Andy Pumphrey
Ruth Middleton
Paula Pumphrey
Nikki Jane
Clive Edwards
Kirk Osborne
Chris Childs
Kevin Beck