The rule of six


Dear MKC Paddler;

Firstly I’d like to say hello to all those new paddlers who have joined recently. It’s great to see so many people making use of the facilities and getting a buzz about the club again. I’m sure everyone will have seen the latest alteration of the laws regarding meeting outside of your home or work. As always the committee have been looking at the appropriate guidance from the government and British canoeing. We can keep on being active and getting on the water but I must stress the importance of adhering to the regulations for everyone’s continuing safety.

  • “The rule of six” and how it applies to our sport.
  • 2m distancing at the club. There is the space and there is no good reason for this practise not to be followed.
  • Contract tracing

We want you to get out and paddle as much as possible. We have a responsibility to you all to keep you as safe as navigate the fog of rules and advice appropriately and effectively. If you are concerned, confused or frustrated then contact me and we will get back to you.

  1. Book your slot using the spreadsheet, we must keep a record of who’s visited the club for possible contact tracing needs.
  2. Be mindful of the timings. If an evening’s looking busy perhaps come earlier in the day or arrive a good time later. Please put your intended time of arrival on the spreadsheet to help people to organise themselves.
  3. Six is the max group size for instruction. Please keep a good distance apart when changing outside the club there is plenty of space. Please do not gather in groups of more than six people.
  4. Avoid using the changing rooms as they are a confined space. If you have no other option but to use them you must clean the surfaces you touch BEFORE and AFTER use. Obviously one person at a time, bear in mind this impacts people access to boats too.
  5. Access boats one person at a time to maintain the necessary distancing. Please leave space around the doors.
  6. Keep your distance and take your time when gathering your boats and equipment; there is plenty of space please use it!


Notes on booking.

We have been asking keyholders to open the club on Tue / Thursday evenings at six pm and Sundays at 10.00am. Any other times are by arrangement between experienced keyholders and non keyholders who are also competent paddlers.

If you are new and have come down only a few times please come to the club sessions. The sea is dangerous and should not be underestimated, always paddle within your capabilities and with support.

We aim to keep number at the club to a sensible level. If six people have booked for six pm then book and arrive earlier and be on the water out of the way before they arrive. We are in reality paddling apart from each other and the only pinch point it at the arches. Please consider this and stagger getting on and off the water, change before you come down if possible. We are able to run multiple groups of six people within the guidance of the BCU; but it doesn’t work if 12 people try to get changed at once!

If you find that your booking has not appeared on the spreadsheet, please add it retrospectively. If you book and can’t paddle try to get it taken off so another paddler can use the slot.