Summer Paddling Update


Dear MKC Paddler;

Hello everybody; I hope you are all well and able to enjoy the sun and calm weather that looks to be here for at least today. I wanted to write to you to give you an update of the situation down at the MKC arches on Madiera Drive.

Just to remind you, we are still open to members! So long as we observe social distancing, the club is running and there have been plenty of opportunities for people to get out on the water, sorry for the wall of text……….


Booking is still desirable, this means that the club has a record of who went where when so we can track how many people are using the facilities and be sensible about numbers. So long as the time people enter the arches is staggered across the time slots there should be no issue with availability, if the slot is full consider coming a bit earlier or later. Please act responsibly and be prepared to wait if necessary.

Six at a time

Six in a group. Officially a paddling group is six persons max and when you enter the arches you should remain at a distance and follow the instructions that we have previously set out.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms and showers are closed to general use; this is because they cannot be cleaned and the club therefore cannot sanction their use. That doesn’t mean we should all bunch up in the social arch, please take turns. If in doubt chat to a committee member as we have discussed this.

Driving and Parking

Madiera Drive is officially a pedestrian area at the moment. We have no rights to park, only access. If the weather is good and the beach packed it would be unwise to try to park your vehicle unattended. If accessing the club please drive so slowly that it would be impossible to hurt any of the speeding scooter riders. Be aware that some members need vehicles to gain access and everyone’s personal situation is different. At the gates show your access pass! If you need one ask a committee member (they’re in the social arch).

Opening Rota

We’d like the opening rota to continue TUE/THURS/SUN and I’ll ask Kirk to help (thanks Kirk 😊) by reminding people. This is only to allow access for people. There is no coaching or any other obligation on the openers. If you cannot open for any reason then let us know and we will try to organise around it.

Trials & New Members – limited availability

We have predictably had lots of new membership enquiries. A prospective new member should email the [email protected] address or fill in the contact form. Currently some coaches have volunteered to induct experienced paddlers and they will arrange sessions in small groups. The membership form and trial fee can be handled online prior to the session. Sessions are very dependent on weather and experience and are most definitely not ad hoc and the coaches are under no obligation. Please bear this in mind if talking to people on the seafront.

And finally……

Thanks to you all for booking and enjoying the sea and to those running river trips and for generally keeping the club running.


MKC – Chair