Equipment booking


As the situation evolves the MKC committee has been meeting and working to adapt our club so that members can both observe the rules and still get on to the water. Unfortunately, I have to emphasise that, the club (MKC) is not meeting or running sessions and all use of equipment is as independent persons.


Club members can paddle using their own equipment independently of the club with household members or a member of another household, so long as they observe 2m distancing at all times.

Using club Equipment

This updated guidance relates to people wishing to use club equipment.

Competent paid-up members may now access club equipment. Any paddling at present is not a club activity because this is explicitly prohibited and it is at your own risk.

We are setting up a booking system that allows 2 groups of two per slot, bookable in advance. Individual paddling cannot be advised.

This means two people paddling more than 2m apart but as a supportive team. Ideally a second pair within sight to mutually support one another in case of emergency.

The club can be opened to access boats and PPE only. As per the regulations no changing facilities are currently available. Each arch can be used by one paddler (or family) at a time, to place a bag or bicycle while paddling, for example.

Hands should be washed using hot water and soap in the sink prior to and after handling equipment.

Equipment needs to be rinsed before and after use. Spraydecks, helmets and buoyancy aids should be hosed down thoroughly and then disinfected using the materials provided, including the dip-tank. Kayak paddles and cockpit rims should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe after use.

Parking and access: Please remember Madeira drive is officially closed to vehicles at present, however it may be possible to access the club by car. We have no official rights to parking, only access.


For these first few weeks a booking calendar has been set up to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.

Access to the calendar is restricted as a default and access will need to be granted individually. As with all things, when it works it’s great but when it doesn’t it can be frustrating; it is a google product so in order to access it you will need a google account.

Booking spreadsheet

For access to the calendar or if you have any issues email [email protected] and we will sort it out as soon as possible (all of the committee can access the spreadsheet and help out).


Paddling remains a high-risk activity in its own right. Be aware of sea conditions and paddle responsibly and well within your capabilities. Don’t take unnecessary risks, if it feels like a bad idea then it probably is.

We rely on all members keeping a social distance and have prepared a risk assessment to enable responsible access to equipment. Risk Assessment document can be downloaded and notices are up at the club. Ultimately it is up to you!