Booking Form


Hi everyone;

I thought it would be a good idea to (try to) re-share the google sheets link as some members have mentioned that they have found it hard to find their original link. This doesn’t void any permissions or links that already exist.

As far as I understand if you are signed in to google account you can see the spreadsheet in your google app launcher (aka “the waffle” ). If you do not have a google account then you need to click the link each time.

You must add your name to the spreadsheet for the dates when you paddle. If you forget then please make an effort to remedy it after the fact. It is our method of contact tracing and has already proven to be effective enabling the simple contacting of some members (the related Covid test has come back negative ). There is nothing stopping you from adding other peoples names if needed.

Adding your intended times for paddling helps others to plan their activity to either coincide or avoid in terms of time and congestion.

We are working on a long term streamlined solution for booking but it will take a bit of time, so bear with us!

Thanks and keep your distance!